Thank you to over 500 people who attended Carson's Memorial Celebration at the Putah Creek Lodge in Davis, CA.

Here are some news links covering the celebration:

Fox 40 News: Memorial Celebration for Sugar Bowl Ski Instructor Attended by Hundreds, including Stevie Wonder

ABC 10 News: Stevie Wonder performs at Davis ski instructor's memorial

Unofficial Networks: Stevie Wonder Plays Tribute For Sugar Bowl Ski Instructor

Contributions in memory of Carson can be made to his GoFundMe campaign

GoFundMe link to Carson May's Memorial Fund

Carson's Memorial Celebration

Community Support

Article from Davis Enterprise:

Are we there yet? The (cow)bell tolls for thee

Carson May(1992-2016)

Your outpouring of love and financial support for Carson has been very touching. We have not been able to thank each of you individually and some of you I haven’t even seen in many years. Know that you are thanked and your love is felt by all the family.

Like many goals in life, we have met and exceeded our initial goal. We have now raised the bar to the next level as I am certain it will take our collective resources and networks to achieve our mission of saving lives.

One of Carson’s friends wrote an amazing letter to him posthumously. Here are a few snippets from that letter.

“Do you remember the time you, Casey and I went to Tahoe together? We were debating  how easy it would be to build an igloo, so of course we dug a tunnel in a mound of snow  and sat in it for a while. You were convinced you'd have enough cell phone service to play a 

YouTube video about survival in the snow. You were right, you did. But I guess that memory  is more relevant now than it ever has been before.” “I'm moving to Central America in two weeks to pursue my dream job, Carson. I wouldn't  have had this opportunity if you hadn't spent hours showing me how to use my camera or  teach me tricks on Photoshop. I've been excited to go, but in light of these recent events, I  will succeed in your honor. You turned down school and chose to follow what you love, and  what you're good it — you look happier in Tahoe than I have ever seen you. I only hope to  live my life the way you do.” Kelsey

“P.S. - I know you hate social media, or as you put it, are "only critical" of it. So, I'm sorry if  this is shared with anyone but you. But the past few days have made me thankful for  Facebook and Twitter, as I saw friends and family pouring out love and hope for you.  It  helped me stay optimistic since I couldn't be with your family, or any of the other 400 people  who were out looking for you. Maybe you'd still dislike it, but I wish you could see the love  for you that has been exploding out of everyone.”