Celebrating the life of Carson May


We are all groping for the words to understand and to express thoughts, prayers and feelings about Carson. I am first among you to be groping and I know I will always be wondering.

Carson was discovered February 29, 2016 by search Shepherd, Beaujet.  Read more about it on the About Carson Page.

If you have photos or a story about Carson to be considered for this web page, please send them along.

Thanks again to everyone who joined us for the Carson May Memorial riders at Cycle for Sight. Ride Forever!

Thank you to over 500 people who came out to celebrate Carson's life with the memorial celebration on April 24, 2016.

Here is a message from a friend of many years that says it as good as it can be said. Thank you all for standing with us now and in the future.

Mike and family

Dear Mike, Gena, Jen and Wyndham,

 When my brother died, I did a lot of reading about grief. Several of the articles I especially remember these four years later had to do with what one should and should not say to a grieving person. Because really—even the best-intentioned people can say the stupidest things. (My particular hellish favorite is “everything happens for a reason…” Yuck). 

 The article I remember the most talked about the phrase lots of people say: “I’m here for you”. The problem with that particular saying is that it puts the impetus on the griever to reach out—and frankly there are days you just can’t muster the energy.  The better phase, and one I mean whole-heartedly, is “I am standing with you.”

 I can’t make the loss of Carson better for you. I can make you dinners and send you flowers and cards and you will know I care. But I hope knowing that I stand with you means more. It means that you are not in this alone; that there is a circle of people—me among them-- who are standing with you in grief. In my mind’s eye, I see that as an army of people standing silently shoulder-to-shoulder. As we surround you, you will never fall, and that army of people will absorb some of the grief and shock that are too much for one person, or one family to bear.

 I’ll never forget the people who showed up to my brother’s memorial and my Mom’s funeral. I never appreciated before then what it meant to have people standing with me. I hope you know that I’m in your corner.

 I have no platitudes or poems to offer. Just know that in every minute of that search my heart was with you. And in every minute since, it is too.

 Love, Blessings and Peace to each of you.  ~ L

GoFundMe link to Carson May's Memorial Fund
Carson, The Seeing Eye dog named in memory of Carson May

Carson May(1992-2016)